This 525 sq ft. condo located in central North York features one bedroom, one bath, and an open concept living/dining space. It is perfect for a first time home buyer or bachelor/bachelorette. Our client, however, did have one major concern – the view. Unfortunately, the once breathtaking cityscape view is now obscured by the new construction happening outside the building. It was going to be a challenge staging a small space with limited time and such a glaring issue. With our task set out before us, it was time to get to work.

vacant one-bedroom condo

Vacant one-bedroom condo

Look Over Here!

I chose to go with a light colour scheme with lots of chrome and glass finishes. When staging a small space, it’s really important not to overwhelm and crowd the room with bulky, oversized furniture; doing so can make the space appear smaller than it really is. In order to place emphasis on the depth of the unit, I used a long horizontal painting above the sofa. I also strategically placed a large vertical mirror on the opposing wall, which accomplished two things. It made the area appear larger and also drew the eyes upwards, creating the illusion of higher ceilings. I had selected a round glass coffee table with chrome crisscross legs and matching end tables. (HSK tips: reflective accent pieces are great for adding some pizzazz or glam to your small space. They can also take up less visual real estate versus wooden accent pieces). Finally, I added some pale blue cushions to the sofa and chair, some table accessories, antique brushed glass table lamps, and anchored the entire look with a beautiful cowhide rug.

staged condo living room

Staged Condo Living Room

Mirrors, Mirrors, On the Wall.

I opted out the traditional server buffet for a mirrored console table paired with a large sunburst accent mirror above. (HSK tips: wall accent mirrors/artwork add some visual stimulation, but they’re also great for creating a focal point. This works especially well in open concept living spaces or on large walls). I chose to go with a round glass dinette with chrome crisscross legs. In keeping with the light colour scheme, I went with white leather dining chairs. To pull the entire look together I added another painting and some table accessories.

Staged condo dining area

Dining area

Home is Where Your Bed Is

Now, for my favourite room of any home – the bedroom. The goal was to create a glamorous, relaxing ambiance while drawing the eye away from the view outside the windows. In the bedroom, the bed was to be the main focal point. I went with a large wing-back upholstered headboard paired with grey antique inspired night stands for a more romantic appeal. Instead of artwork, I selected vertical accent mirrors on either side of the bed to add a touch of extravagance. Finally, I dressed the bed in light serene colours (HSK tips: adding a few accent pillows to your bed or in this case A LOT of accent pillows add that touch of luxury and personality to your bedroom) and finished the look with tall chrome table lamps and a few night table accent pieces.

staged bedroom


The Takeaway

This project was a true representation of how home staging can transform an empty modest space into a first-time buyer’s idea of the perfect home. It’s always so incredible to me how small living spaces can look even smaller when vacant compared to a well furnished, carefully designed space. It’s all about the right pieces, especially correctly scaled furniture, finishes and accessories. Remember: not too much, just enough.

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