Staging a Lake House: A Fusion of Country Chic and Modern Elegance

Kim Luu

Living room with vaulted ceiling and fireplace Staged Living Room - Liverpool

Undertaking the staging of this lakeside house was a passion-driven project, aiming to showcase the cozy cottage feel of natural wooden beam ceilings and hardwood floors while infusing a touch of glamour with faux furs and chic accent pieces. The goal was to combine two distinct styles, not only providing the space with dimension and personality but also illustrating the versatility of the home for potential buyers.

Styling Country Chic with Modern Accents

The living room served as an ideal canvas with its large bay windows, wood beams spanning high vaulted ceilings, and a stunning brick fireplace. To counterbalance the weightiness of the wood and brick elements, a colour scheme of buttery creams, soft grays, and shades of blue was chosen, inspired by the nearby lake. Extending this colour scheme and style into the dining room, a timeless ceiling fixture was selected above the dining table, accompanied by matching table decor. The final result achieved a harmonious blend of country chic and modern elegance.

Living room with vaulted ceiling and fireplace Staged Living Room - Liverpool

Minimalistic Dining Room at Liverpool Rd House Staged Dining Room at Liverpool Rd - Pickering

Cozy, Yet Glamorous

Recognizing that the family room and kitchen are the focal points for most families, the aim was to create a relaxed atmosphere while maintaining an underlying sense of glamour and cohesiveness. Employing a similar colour scheme of blues, greys, and creams throughout these spaces achieved the desired effect.

Staged Family Room & Kitchen Staged Family Room - Liverpool Rd, Pickering

Pairing Classic with Modern

The master bedroom was designed to be sophisticated yet enchanting. A classic touch was introduced with hotel-inspired bedding, complemented by playful fur cushions. White nightstands with dark hardware contributed to a unique country feel, while the upholstered headboard, glass table lamps, and mirrored accents infused a modern aesthetic into the traditional setting. The final result was a master bedroom that seamlessly blended classic and modern elements.

Voila! The finished product stands as a testament to the successful fusion of country chic and modern elegance, creating a home that is not only visually appealing but also exudes a welcoming charm.